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A mother of a 4-yr-old

Follow the rhythm and instructions of music,

it can train the impatient child to complete the task step by step.

My child loves to listen ”Colourful Food”.

She asks me to play this game often. It can train her attention unconsciously.

A Music Therapist

Playing card games with music can encourages the coordination of different brain functioning.

The game has different ways to play that can

fit the children’s need easily.

A very good tool for frontline worker!

A Play Specialists

An unique game card that has music element. Very creative.

Children love it!

The colour tone is attractive to children.

This fun game is a helpful tool for training children

A Senior
Kindergarten Teacher



<Colourful Food>


Where is the tomato   

It is red

Where is the carrot

It s orange

Where is the sweet corn

It is yellow

Where is the Broccoli 

It is Green


Look at the green beans 

They’re jumping

Look at the blueberries

They’re dancing

Look at the purple cabbage 

It is rolling 

It’s nice to see 

they are all smiling. 

fun sik product photo.jpg
彩色蔬果 - vancy, cathy

<Colorful fruits and vegetables> (Cantonese)

The red tomatoes are so cute

How beautiful the orange sweet

The yellow corn grains are enough

Eat green vegetables more often


Cyan beanie

Blue blueberry high style

Purple broccoli is good for stomach

I have eaten all red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple!

彩色蔬果 - 紀乃元

<Colorful fruits and vegetables> (Mandarin)

Which one is tomato red

Which branch is carrot orange

Which one is corn yellow

Which one is broccoli green (I see)


Turquoise beans jumping and jumping

Blue blueberries laugh and laugh

The purple cabbage is called oops

I have eaten all the colorful vegetables

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