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COPA-Kids : Our concept of accompany children to grow up

When we face the different learning needs of children, it is a challenge of our growth.

Facing challenges positively will bring unexpected opportunities. It may be a loving mentor, a valuable reminder, or a set of very useful tools.


The concerted cooperation of parents help children's learning more effective.


Parents’ self reflection and introspection can generate a strong impetus; parents and professional can work together to help children realize their potential.


Every kid is unique.  If we teach them in accordance with their aptitude, they will grow up more happily.

COPA-Kids is a Cantonese game teaching material, including game card, demonstration videos, songs, online material and consulting. Children can learn through playing with multi-media elements and story plots.

Look Around​

Suitable for age 3-99.

Designed to strengthen children’s interest on using eye contact through finding donuts. Also designed to master the direction of basic eye contact and social ability.


Suitable for age 3-99.

Designed for stimulating visual tracking ability and strategic thinking.

Handy and portable game card.


Suitable for age 3-99.

Designed to strengthen children's ability on attention control. Accompanied with a specially written song to facilitate the process, this game encourages the coordination of different brain functioning through visual and auditory stimulations.

Wa Ha Ha

Suitable for aged 4-99.

Designed for training visual attention, ability of comparison and sense of space. Also, it is helpful for strengthening visual skill.

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