Suitable for age 3-99.

Designed for stimulating visual tracking ability and strategic thinking.





A portable card game

Number of players: 2

A deck of cards consists of a piece of grid cloth and 22 cards, including 2 Head cards and 20 Body cards in 4 different styles

*Children under 6 should play Wormy under adult guidance





<Little Zhuan Chong> (Cantonese)

Donate the mountain worm

Long colored body, easy to climb

Little turnworm, go blow the hair

Found by a crow, Zuoqu's true Yin Gong

小轉蟲 - 主唱: Emma 創作:智瑩姑娘
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<Little Worm>

Little Worm likes to turn and turn

with colourful body.

He never worry.

Little Worm likes to turn and turn

When the big bird's gone

his life goes on.

Little Worm - Momo
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Without using the grid cloth

Game A " Work Together":   Start the game by placing a Head card on the table. Players should take turns to draw a Body card to build and lengthen Wormy’s body. While drawing cards, children can try to guess which direction Wormy’s body is going to turn.This game helps children learn the concept of taking turns and understand simple game rules.

Game B "Speed Race":   Allocate 1 head card and 10 body cards randomly to each of the two players. After counting 3-2-1, players started to build their own worm as quickly as possible. The one who finish first and got all cards connected correctly wins.


Using the grid cloth
  • There are 4 squares printed with Wormy’s head on the upper section of the game board. Put the Head card (/s) onto the chosen square (/s) after discussion.

  • Put the Body cards face down to one side.

  • The lowest part of the game board shows 4 squares marked START. For each player, choose one of squares as his/her starting square. Draw and put a card onto it.

  • Each player is dealt 4 Body cards. Take turns to lay a card onto the game board. On each turn, put down a Body card that can be connected to the previous Body card laid. If you don’t have playable cards in hand, draw a card. The player who is the first to join Wormy’s body and its head together will be the winner. If no players can connect Wormy’s body to its head or bodies of two Wormy collide, the game will end in a draw.

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