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Picture Book and Interactive Story Book Tool 
Help children to adapt to life changes 
面對變化不驚怕 - 創作: 智瑩姑娘; 主唱: Aidan
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面對變化不害怕 (國語) - Katherine
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Game card

theme song

Picture book

Interactive Story Book Tools


  • Adapted from local real cases

  • Feel the love of a family to overcome difficulties together

  • Echoes the economic pressure faced by many local families

  • Let children talk about their thoughts and feelings

  • Strengthen children's ability to adapt to life changes


The story describes the protagonist, the little boy, likes his parents, his father goes out to work to repair toys, and his mother does housework and bake bread at home. But one day, my father suddenly became unemployed and the whole family was worried. Finally, the little boy, the protagonist, thought of a good way...


The popular version of the teaching kit includes a picture book, a set of paper dolls for the protagonist, a set of mood game cards, online listening to the theme song: "Facing with Changes", downloading music scores online and a guide for parents

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