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​The "Little Buddy" Scheme

Little Possie and Raise Me Up collaborate and launch the "Little Buddy" Scheme. Each month, a certain number of children from low-income families can join the following programmes at a special price. Eligible students are referred by schools or churches.  *Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Music Therapy: Individual service

Children’s abilities/skills such as motor skills, communication skills, cognitive abilities, social skills and emotional expressions can be improved through different music therapy activities, for example, listening to music, singing, playing instruments, playing rhythmic movement games, improvisation and etc.
Parents may discuss specific treatment goals with therapists.

Age group: 6 months old-12 years old

*Sessions will be delivered by a registered music therapists.

Individual Training Session

Provide 2-5 years old children with tailor-made training addressing different developmental difficulties on the child, including concerns regarding speech, motor-skills, social skill, and other functioning. 



Asian Boy
Music Therapy Group

Interactive music-based activities provides children with an incentive to communicate with others. Being respected and understood, children learn to regulate their emotion and improve impulse control, as well as to develop a healthy self-image.

Age group:3-8 years old
(Classes are divided by age)

*Lessons are mainly taught by a registered music therapist.

Top View of a Drummer
Social Skills Training Class

Age group: 2-8 years old
(Classes are divided by age)


Provision of home-based training if needed. The goals of individual training can be discussed with the teacher.

Children in School
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