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Picture Book and Interactive Story Book Tool 
Help children to adapt to life changes 
面對變化不驚怕 - 創作: 智瑩姑娘; 主唱: Aidan
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面對變化不害怕 (國語) - Katherine
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Game card

Theme Song

Picture Book

Story Book Tool 


  • Based on a true case in Hong Kong

  • Feeling of overcoming difficultly with love within family

  • Respond to the economic stress of Hong Kong family

  • Encourage children to share their views and feels

  • Strengthen children’s ability to adapting changes in life


The story is about a little boy, who loved his parents. Dad worked as a repairman of toys. Mum did housework and baked bread at home. But one day, Dad was unemployed. All family members were worried. Finally, the little boy figured out a good idea …


The professional teaching kit includes, Picture book, 2 set of characters’ cardboard and emotion cards, online theme song and song core of
 “面對變化不驚怕 and 4 professional-designed group lesson plans.

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