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This game is suitable for friends aged 4-99 ,

Created for visual focus, comparison ability, and sense of space size, it helps strengthen visual perception; some game cards only display the body parts of frogs and shrimps , which helps stimulate the operation of

visual memory.

(With special stickers for children to

participate in the creation,

Add unique game cards)

蛙蝦蝦 - 創作: 智瑩姑娘 主唱: Vancy, Cathy

Wa Ha Ha sing together/twisting/circling

Wa Ha Ha clap/step/jump together

Come on Hey-yo Hey-yo Hey Hey

Hey-yo Hey-yo Hey Hey

Wa Ha Ha continue to sing

WaHaHa (國語) - 紀乃元、Katherine、Amy

Wa Ha Ha singing/twisting/turning around

Wa Ha Ha clap your hands/foot/jump high jump

Sing loudly Hey-yo Hey-yo Hey Hey

Hey-yo Hey-yo Hey Hey

Wa Ha Ha keep singing

Mother of seven year old

Kid can create his own Wahaha card with the attached sticker.

My kid love it!

​Speech Therapist

New face! Apart from entertaining, children can increase their recognition capability on Cantonese

Occupational therapist

The game contains the identification of size and part-whole concept.

Very creative tool!


I will play with the elderly. The game is easy to understand and good for the elderly brain functioning too!

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