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Dr. Liang Shuwen


Hong Kong Chinese University

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work



When parents are upset, children........


When children see their parents arguing and become angry, or worry about being unemployed, they will also feel anxious and uneasy because of the tension between their parents and the changes in the family economy.


Because the language ability is still to be developed, children’s concerns may not be directly expressed by words; but if parents carefully observe the changes in their children’s behavior, it is not difficult to find their troubles: some may cling to their parents all day and are unwilling to return to school. Difficulty falling asleep; or may become emotional and tantrums are easier.


The two picture books, "Bears in the Family" and "The Great Transformation of Parents" are from the perspective of children. The stories feature Little Bear and Little Superman as the protagonists. They are experiencing parental quarrels and unemployment.


The pictures in the picture book are lively and interesting, and are accompanied by some discussion questions. Parents, social workers and teachers can read with the children, encourage them to express their inner feelings and thoughts, and guide them to conceive solutions to problems.


These two very thoughtful stories can help those children who are troubled by family problems early, and I sincerely recommend them to you.






Principal Ye Meiling

Truth Baptist Church Fu Tai Kindergarten



Turn open <parents Makeovers> This picture book, find the characters interesting composition, text are easy to understand the perspective of the story to the child, describing a typical family problems in Hong Kong, is easy for children to resonate.

The story describes the emotional ups and downs of different family members through the scene of father’s unemployment. In the end, the protagonist, the little boy, can adjust himself and transform his thoughts in the distressed emotions, so as to come up with a solution to successfully transform the family members. Give new hope, love and support each other, and inject positive energy into adversity families.

I admire the author and the design team's hard work, the detailed layout of the content, and the expression of the author's respect for the children's feelings and ideas. Our school was fortunate to cooperate with the author and read with children through self-created books, so as to listen to the children's needs. The children who participated enjoyed it very much. Therefore, I believe that "Parents Transformation" will become a popular picture book for children to solve problems, and I sincerely recommend it.

"Parents Transformation" is also accompanied by detailed teaching materials and music resources, which can assist kindergarten teachers to vividly strengthen their children's resilience in the face of changes. It is a good choice for classroom design.




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